I believe in love stories.

I love creating romance and beauty in the simple and ordinary. Making a space, or an idea, or a memory beautiful adds joy to life and makes even the simplest occasions and random days worth celebrating. I love Jesus and seek to honor Him in all I do. I love my husband and my three young children. I love having a crazy life with full arms and a full heart! Photography is my chance to take a breath, create, have fun, and celebrate and serve others - and I love it so dang much! 

About me

couldn't do it without this guy

Whether I'm photographing your engagement, wedding day, anniversary, or family photos, I am constantly celebrating marriage with you! Marriage is one of life's greatest blessings and a beautiful picture of the Gospel and Christ's love for his church, and I am so honored every time a couple brings me into their celebration of that goodness. I'm all about serving you and making your experience the best that it can be. I'll come prepared - from timeline curation to a wedding day emergency kit, I will be by your side serving you the entire time!

I love to celebrate marriage.

I'm probably taking my kids on a play date, rearranging my house and starting a DIY project I am entirely underqualified for, painting something or putting too many holes in the walls, online shopping (sorry hubby), drinking too much coffee, helping my girls ride their pony named Hippie, going on a walk with my husband and kiddos, or spending time with my very large extended family that I married into!

When I'm not photographing, 

Human connection
Experience over production
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